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En tant qu'organisation faîtière d'étudiants en psychologie suisses, il existe de nombreuses possibilités de développement et d'influence positive sur la vie des étudiants:

  •     Souhaitez-vous rencontrer des étudiant-e-s en psychologie de toute la Suisse?
  •     Souhaitez-vous faire l'expérience de la psychologie en dehors du contexte universitaire?
  •     Souhaitez-vous développer davantage vos compétences en tant que psychologue?
  •     Souhaitez-vous partager vos connaissances avec des penseurs similaires?
  •     Souhaitez-vous influencer le monde de la psychologie en Suisse (par exemple, stages standardisés et rémunérés pour étudiant-e-s)?
  •     Voulez-vous représenter les étudiant-e-s au niveau national dans les domaines sociopolitiques (par exemple, le débat sur l'assurance maladie)?
  •     Êtes-vous intéressé-e à créer un premier contact et des expériences dans le monde professionnel?
  •     Souhaitez-vous faciliter l'entrée dans le monde professionnel des étudiant-e-s en psychologie?
  •     Souhaitez-vous participer à des projets intéressants, tels que le congrès de psychologie psyKo
  •     Souhaitez-vous proposer aux étudiant-e-s d’excellents projets à développer personnellement?

Alors, psyCH serait fait pour vous!

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  • Représenter des étudiants en psychologie au niveau national dans des matières sociopolitiques en tant que Vice-president.
  • Rassemblez les gens et organisez le Congrès de psychologie 2019 en tant que psyKo-Head.
  • Offrir aux étudiant-e-s en psychologie une expérience qui changera leur vie en tant que Head of trainer's school 2019.
  • Permettre la réalisation de grands projets en tant que Sponsoring coordinator.
  • Informer les étudiants sur le monde suisse de la psychologie en tant qu'Editor and promotion coordinator.
  • Informer les étudiants sur les opportunités du monde de la psychologie Suisse en tant que Webmaster.
  • Susciter l'intérêt du monde des psychologues suisses en tant que Blog coordinator.
  • Promouvoir la croissance personnelle et le développement personnel des étudiants en psychologie en tant que Training coordinator.

Comment allez-vous être inclus dans l'équipe de psyCH?

psyCH est actuellement à la recherche de nouveaux membres actifs dédiés pour le mandat 2018/2019.

Si vous souhaitez améliorer les possibilités des étudiants suisses en psychologie, veuillez contacter> [email protected] ou poser votre candidature pour un poste au sein du conseil d'administration de psyCH jusqu'au 30 avril 2019. Le 18 mai, l'Assemblée générale a lieu à Olten, où Nous aimerions vous souhaiter la bienvenue dans nos centres!

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Cécile Vitali, University of Basel, Master Social, Economic, and Decision Psychology

Oh, what fun it is to write a Bachelor thesis

Everyone knows, to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, one must write a Bachelor thesis. This is not news and was certainly no news to me when I started my studies. I remember in my fourth semester I had a seminar, in which students in the sixth semester talked about their bachelor thesis and how they lacked time or were not able to meet the deadline. Back then, the thought of writing a Bachelor thesis seemed daunting. How would I be able to write such a paper? Let alone write such a paper well? So, I ignored each thought that went through my mind wondering and already stressing about this thesis. However, roughly one year ago the process started when we had to choose which bachelor thesis we wanted to do. I chose one that interested me and I was eager to start writing. Although I only really started in October, my enthusiasm hadn’t diminished up until then. The first phase of writing my Bachelor thesis went well. I researched articles and tried to narrow down what precisely I wanted to do(I did a literature review and could choose what precise research question I wanted to explore in a given field). However, after this first phase of enthusiasm washed away with my mulled wines in November, I stopped because I simply had other, more pressing assignments to complete during November, December and January. Then in February, as always, we had our exams, which means, no time for the Bachelor thesis. After everything was done, I suddenly remembered that I had this huge, important assignment due in about six weeks. I won’t lie, I was really freaking out for a moment there. Where had the time gone? Usually, my planning and prioritizing are not too bad, but regarding my thesis, I somehow put that a bit too far into the back of my head. Anyhow, after I survived the first freak-out and another meeting with my supervisor, I started actually working on the thesis. Fortunately, back in October, I’d already found a lot of articles that fit perfectly into the topic I wrote about. I also managed to narrow down my research question enough in order to start writing. One major problem that I encountered, and I know a lot of others did as well, was stopping the research and starting to write. This was really difficult since I mostly thought that certain aspects of an article looked great which could be explored in depth. But this attitude only leads you into an interesting, albeit infinite forest of research. Although it was hard in the beginning getting started to write and I was very stressed because I thought I should have more by that time, I finished my thesis on time. My advice to anyone writing a bachelor thesis is that you shouldn’t get stressed about where you are at a certain point if you are already doing something. If you aren’t doing anything, start by e.g. doing research or writing . But if you are already writing, keep writing and don’t’ compare yourself to how far others might already be. Just start, it’s the best piece of advice I can give. Just start.

Rahel Steuri, University of Bern, Bachelor in Psychology
Eva-Maria Stauffer, University of Basel, Master in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience