Rahel Steuri

Blog coordinator

Birthday : 3rd of September 1996

I am new to psyCH and have joined the new blog project. My motivation for psyCH is that I want to meet people who are interested in psychology and work with them. Personally, I am hoping to, in some way, help- and connect with even more Swiss psychology students.

Gaëlle Venard

Blog coordinator

Birthday: 24th of January 1995

My motivation to be part of psyCH is to get more involved in the « psychology world » and to meet people from different part of Switzerland with the same interests of me. I think I will learn a lot of things and have the possibility to have New skills through the blog. Sharing this experience with a whole team is a gift ! I am looking forward to meet everybody and work together

Léa Sifringer

Blog coordinator

Birthday: 28th of May 1994

In the blog-team, Rahel and I will be mainly in charge on the blog sponsorship and promotion section. Like the blog-project, I am new in psyCH and I'm looking forward to start this project, which I am sure will be very useful for psychology students. I've decided to join psyCH because I want to support other students in psychology with their studies and help them to better know the world of psychology and make them known the existing associations or institutions in Switzerland.

Iara Quinter

Sponsoring Coordinator

Birthday: 25th of June 1998

As one of three Sponsoring Coordinators of psyCH I am responsible for reaching out to potential sponsors and keeping already established connections alive – or even better, “revitalize” them. Also I am interested in exploring new ways of collaborating with sponsors. My motivation for being part of psyCH is to enrich psychology student's lives with more interconnectedness and insights into organizations and the working field. Developping skills like communication, creative thinking and cooperation as well as working together in such a great team are big pros too!

Selina Stüssi

Head of PsyKo

Birthday : 1st of January 1996

Last February, I had the chance to participate in the PsyCH trainers’ school and meet & become a part of psyCH’s amazing Trainer Community. I am co-head of PsyKo 2019 with Flavio, which allows me give a big thank you to psyCH and invest my energy into organizing an amazing weekend full of knowledge and experience sharing and personal connection. I want to strengthen the psychology community and to influence my environment in a kind, engaged and appreciative way.I am looking forward to meeting you all at the psyCH weekend and work together in this amazing team to add value to every psychology student’s life.

Eliane Knörr

Training coordinator.

Birthday: 4th of July 1994

I joined the psyCH-team this summer because I like to work together with other people from different places with different backgrounds, to spend time with this people and also to learn from them. I like to work in a new environment within a new context so that I can gain new skills. I am also looking forward to support other students with my work so that they can develop themselves further. In psyCH, I am taking care of the psyCH trainers' pool (the pool with the active trainers in psyCH) and I am looking for new training opportunities and am forwarding information about on-going training events to the trainers. I am in contact with different organisations and discussing new training opportunities with them (example: local organisations). And there is also room to organize coming together with different trainers so that they can share their experiences.

Mariella Cochard

Sponsoring responsible

Birthday : 1st of February 1994
This summer, I saw multiple adverts to apply for the PsyCH association. And I said "why not ? I never thought about it but that could be nice to meet new people !". Then I heard about the sponsoring position, which caught my interest. After a slight hesitation with the blog team, I decided that talking to other professionnals to convice them sponsoring students and different events might be a good idea. In my opinion, studies and real life are sadly still too separated and it becomes really difficult for us, students, to get access to this world. I hope that being part of this project could make things easier or at least, that we could create a better bond between these two entities.

Sarah Kuhn

Head of Trainers’ School 2019

Birthday: August 1994

Together with Sofia Thai, we organize almost everything from accommodation to meals and social program and we work closely together with other psyCH team members to make sure participants and trainers’ feel comfortable and can personally grow and learn during the Trainers’ School. (And also, if anyone has practical issues like having set something on fire, we’ll be there - but honestly, please don’t!) That is also why I joined psyCH: I want to bring people from all over Switzerland together and contribute to enable learning experiences, learn a lot on organisation myself and finally, have fun with all of that.

Sofia Thai

Head of Trainer’s School

Birthday : 2nd of April 1996

I am responsible for the organization and the promotion of the Trainers’ School together with my co-organisator Sarah Kuhn. Thus, we are the ones who look for the venue, calculate the budget and organize the kitchen team. And during the Trainer’s School Week we are a little bit the all-rounders for general concerns of the participants and the trainers. My motivation to be part of psyCH and support it is that I identify myself with the values of psyCH to connect psychology students in Switzerland. I joined psyCH for learning new things in management, meeting new people and last but not least for having a lot of fun!

Eva-Maria Stauffer

Blog coordinator

I got to know psyCH when i attended psyKo during my bachelor and started to get involved. I helped organize last years psyko and i liked working for psyCH. Now i am a blog coordinator and very excited to get the project started! I want to be in psyCH because i would like to help building a network among psychology students and to show them what psychology has to offer. I am really looking forward to meeting you all at the psyCH weekend!

Flavio Iovoli

psyKo Head

Birthday: 13th of November 1995

Selina and I are going to organize the psyKo 2019. We are highly motivated to create an exciting and interactive congress for the participants. Therefore, we focus on a wide offer which contains student lectures, workshops and training opportunities. Additionally, there are going to be lectures from practitioners, therapists and researchers. But nonetheless, the participants (which are psychology students from all over Switzerland) stay in the center of an interactive three-days-meet-and-greet. It’s going to be great! As a student from a quit big university, your daily routine can be anonymous. And all the stuff at the lectures are sometimes terribly theoretical. That’s why I started looking for an opportunity to help in an association or event and I found psyCH. I think it’s a great opportunity to learn something more and different alongside university. And share thoughts and opinions with other psychology students. I am happy to be part of a great community like psyCH and looking forward to a future with you guys.

Christel Borgognon

Sponsoring coordinator

Birthday : 9th of June 1993

In psyCH I am holding the position of sponsoring coordinator. Mainly, my job consists in keeping contacts with our sponsors by calling them or meeting them. We are explaining them what are our projects for the year and if they want to continue to support us. Furthermore, our goal is to promote psyCH and make us well known in Switzerland. Sometimes, we also have to find some new sponsors, if it is necessary. I was very motivated by this position because we can meet personally the institutions who support us and therefore have contacts with the professional life.

Alina Marie Sartorius

Blog coordinator

Birthday : October 1994

For psyCH, my position is in the six-headed blog-team. The blog concept as well as I myself are new to psyCH. I joined psyCH because I like its ideas and want to support and share its values of course! Psychology students should be connected to each other, communicate and share information. I felt that this sense of ‘being in the same boat’ wasn’t yet widely installed in the heads of my fellow students, and I want to work on changing and promote that situation, hoping to create a more profitable, social and efficient environment for us psychology students in Switzerland. In a nutshell, the concept behind the blog-team is us, blogging, writing, informing and reporting about different topics concerning psychology and its studies, with a focus on Switzerland. This may include summarising the latest science and papers, informing about up-to-date student life, current situations or innovations at the different universities, checking out future job perspectives, etc. Lot’s of interesting, must-read stuff for sure!

Isabel Cardenas

EFPSA Member Representative (MR)

Birthday: 11th of September 1992

As MR my role is to be the link between the European Federation of Psychology Student Associations (EFPSA) , psyCH and psychology students in Switzerland, promoting the events and opportunities EFPSA provides. Some of these opportunities are the network creation with other students and professionals at European level, exchange and internship opportunities, international scale scientific events as well as the Journal of European Psychology Students.

David Bruno


Birthday : 16th of June 1993

I’m the vice-MR for Switzerland at EFPSA, the European Federation of Psychology Students. Our main goal is to promote Switzerland at the European scale. We promote Efpsa and all that it has to offer to various Swiss universities at special events such as Efpsa day. One of the Vice-MR’s main tasks is also to help and support the main MR in her various tasks.

Léonore Guiet

Events Responsible

Birthday : 17th of September 1994

Zoé Bussi


Birthday : 14th of October 1994

As the webmaster, I take care of the official website and the psyPra page, in collaboration with Zeilenwerk. I'm also in charge of the psyPra mail address and I answer the French e-mails of the info mail address.

Elena Pauli


Birthday : 6th of October 1993

I joined psyCH after my first Bachelor year. I first held the position of Editor & Promotion Coordinator. Then, I became Vice president for a year and in 2017 I was elected president (so this is my 4th psyCH mandate). I also became a psyCH trainer at the psyCH trainers' school 2016, was part of the trainers' team the year after, and this year I coordinated the trainers' team of the trainers' school.

As president I try to supports all psyCH projects as best as I can, together with the other members from the executive board. This includes leading psyCH into its future. As president it is important to work well in a group as well as having fun within that responsible position. Also you will get the chance to gain new knowledge about leading procedures in a national organisation (e.g. FSP, SBAP.).

What I love about working for psyCH is providing valuable services and events to other psychology students so that we can promote exchange and growth. I really see this position to to offer the setting where personal development as well as organizational development can take place!