The Student Minds Project: National campaign to promote the mental health of students in Switzerland

We (psyCH) are collaborating with the Swiss Student Union (VSS-UNES-USU), the Swiss Medical Students’ Association (swimsa), Mindmap (Uni Basel), Mindful(L) (Uni Zurich) and MeWell (ETH ZH) in a national campaign about mental health of students at higher education institutions in Switzerland.

Why we act:

The reason for the project’s initiation was a study published by the Federal Statistical Office in 2018, which indicated that 18% of students in Switzerland are suffering from health-related problems and mental health issues posed the second highest risk for those health conditions. Besides the common age-related challenges, the environment of higher education constitutes a setting with some particular social, emotional, financial and academic challenges. We say it is time to act. #studentsbekindtoyourmind #doyoumind

Our Vision:

Our Vision is that, after appropriate sensitization and support from higher education institutions, the students in Switzerland possess adequate resources and competences, in order to foster their personal mental health effectively and without being hampered by stigmatization and other obstacles.

Our goals:

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Date-based Counselling Centres:

Our project does not offer any direct psychological support. You need to talk to someone? Then please visit or contact Tel. 143.

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For inputs related to our project or an interest in assisting our work, please contact us – Help is always highly welcomed!