psyCH offers different kinds of trainings especially for the local.orgs or other NGO’s (e.g. RYL!; ABQ). Teambuilding or kick-off trainings to start a new mandate or during the mandate are often welcome. Also trainings about motivation (how to motivate yourself and your team) are often asked for. Therefore trainings are an important part of psyCH not only to be able to offer trainings to the different departments of psyCH but also to connect with the local.orgs and other NGO’s nationally and internationally. The psyCH trainers’ school take place once a year and offers psychology students in Switzerland the opportunity to be more in touch with psyCH and other psychology students and to gain additional skills in how to prepare and deliver workshops.

For the future we’re planning further events like the yearly psyCH trainers’ school; nationally and internationally trainers meeting in collaboration with other NGO’s; expanding trainings on a more professional level and try to build up some collaborations with companies.